Month: March 2019

Water pressure problems

Water pressure problems in our neighbourhood started about when the very long cool and rainy period ended – that is, about mid-January. In the eight years we have lived in our house this is the first time we’ve had a prolonged problem. You can turn on the tap and absolutely no water comes out. Or sometimes just a very weak flow. And, while it is never good, sometimes it is enough to shower properly. Although, mostly not.

Enter PBA

water pressure problems with PBA
Penang’s water supply corporation

Forcing expats to leave? Malaysian Government Wants All But Highest-Paid to Leave

Forcing expats to leave?  Malaysian Government Wants All But Highest-Paid to Leave

Sihanoukville – a possible alternative

Forcing expats to leave? I came across this article today in Expatgo :

Malaysian Government Wants But All Highest-Paid to Leave.

And this article refers to another article:

Govt mulls stopping foreigners from skilled jobs below RM10,000 pay grade

Being retired, this does not directly affect me. But if this indicates a change of attitude towards foreigners, it does not bode well for the future.

Global cooling affecting Penang?

Global cooling affecting Penang?

Global cooling – or at least local cooling is happening.  Where I live it is getting cooler over the years.  How can I tell – well, I have a thermometer.

not so hot now


The climate in Penang now

The pattern when we arrived over 10 years ago was for a rainy season around April and May, or so, and then another rainy season in October, which was the coolest month.  After that it got drier and hotter until Chinese New Year and after.  What has happened more recently is that the October rainy season is starting earlier and earlier and lasting longer and longer  – and it being cooler through all of this.  So last year from around early September until late January this year it was rainy and cool.