Bangkok tips

13 Bangkok tips for you. I’m just back from a few days in Bangkok.

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13 Bangkok tips


  1. Traffic congestion is very bad. Plan to stay where you don’t need to rely on road transport much, if you can. This is one of the best of the 13 Bangkok tips. In other words, stay near the BTS, the Metro or the river.
  2. Ask for coins in change; for example 2 x 10 coins instead of a 20 note. This is because there are often long queues for tickets at the BTS, but usually almost no one using the ticket machines – and the ticket machines only accept coins. I think one station on the BTS cost THB 16, from memory.
  3. If you use the BTS a lot look into getting a Rabbit card – it may save you money and time.
  4. You can use the river for transport. It’s very cheap – and you get a very different view.


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