5G is moving forward

According to this recent article, 5G is moving forward in this country. And also in other countries. Thus I am revising and updating my previous blog on this topic only a month and a half later.

5G is in action

If you look at the news at all it’s hardly a surprise that 5G is coming. The question most likely is, “When?” Much less likely is the question, “If?” or “Will scientists research it for safety before it’s introduced?”

In fact, almost everything you find on this topic in Malaysia promotes the advantages and potential new uses. Security concerns, with Huawei getting a special mention, are sometimes noted. But in a very narrow sense.

Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chief digital officer Gerard Lim said in April 2019 that will be possible for Malaysians to start using 5G by 2021 or 2022. Some areas may have it earlier.

It is time to look into this issue before it becomes too late. If you want the truth on this and other topics you can subscribe to my new free newsletter. But get it while you still can – Internet censorship is more and more rife and soon you may only be able to view what the corporate media want you to.

5G – what is it good for?

So, who would be opposed to much faster Internet? Probably no one.


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