Month: August 2019

Adventures with papaya

Recently I am successfully papaya-ing. Papaya grows happily in the sky – it’s not one of those plants that will only grow in the ground and at ground level. I have to pick the fruit before it’s ripe or the musang will get it – and move with their family into my roof near the nice food supply.


So papaya-ing is growing papaya, picking and drying the leaves for tea, picking the papaya fruit and either I can keep them until they ripen, or shred them to make green papaya salad.

Interestingly, when I shred the green papaya it detoxes me. It clears out my sinuses etc. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s good. The effects last about two hours.


No birds after big storm

Since the storm about 10 days ago I see no birds around. Or very few, anyway. I thought yesterday I saw an oriole briefly.

Another storm

Last night was another storm. Lightning and thunder. It tripped a surge protector I have for a few electronic things. Which is unusual. And again today, no birds, even though it was great weather today.

no birds but great weather


we need to dump the Smartphone

It really is soon getting time to dump the smartphone. It’s been fun. And very convenient. And we love our phones, I know. I don’t want to dump the smartphone. But there are big consequences if we don’t. So how do we do it? (And to read my free “truth” newsletter, click here.)

dump the smartphone - my first 4G phone


The future – if we don’t dump the smartphone

But let’s look at the future. At the endgame. If people don’t dump the smartphone, what is going to happen? But dumping it may not be enough. Furthermore, r.ejecting 5G may not be enough.

Let’s look at the worst case scenario that we can imagine at the moment. Now, I don’t know if any or all of these things are going to be imposed. However we do get hints from China and India, among other countries, that they will.


Damage from Penang’s storm


Last night (Friday) there was a storm in Penang. Despite raining early on Friday morning by lunch it was hazy in Penang. The storm took care of that!

Damage from the storm in Penang

So, anyway, there was a big storm in Penang last night. It started around 10.30 PM. in our area. And it died down about an hour later. This time we didn’t lose the Internet. Once it was over I went out to survey the damage. But it was more obvious this morning.

It ripped branches off trees, falling mangoes from trees caused vehicle damage, tore tiles and gutters off roofs, a local condo dropped tile(s) on the footpath from above… Two years ago we suffered much worse damage, though. Here are some photos taken this morning.

storm in Penang - damage