Life in Penang this week

A few words about life in Penang this week. There was a public holiday last week. And there are some more public holidays coming up soon, so it feels very relaxed. August 12th and 31st are holidays here.

This blog’s topics are pretty safe and unlikely to be blocked. But Internet censorship is more and more rife. Soon you may only be able to view what the corporate media want you to. If you want the truth on many other topics you can subscribe to my new free newsletter. But get it while you still can – I don’t know how long before you won’t even see this message.


Mr DIY is useful for our Penang life. I finally discovered that Mr DIY has also opened in Gurney Paragon. It’s big. But you have to go up to the fifth floor. It’s there, at the front – on the Gurney Drive side of the building. Mr DIY can be very good value for DIY and household goods The other nearby Mr DIY is on the fourth floor of Gurney Plaza.


Gurney Paragon

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