Month: December 2019

Happy New Year!

2020 New Year’s resolutions

My 2020 New Year’s resolutions are a work in progress. I used to have a long list, most of which I never did, so every year I recycled them. I had a ready made list. But then, two years ago, I actually built them into my life. Yay. Success at last! So I have to come up with new ones. But my main 2020 New Year’s resolutions are continuing and expanding my digital detoxing. This is going well. And to overcome my autoimmune response allergies seemingly caused by my recent rabies vaccine. Ironically, this in part is detoxing, too. Actual physical detoxing.


papaya and Italian cake


It used to be that the supermarkets supplied mangoes mainly during the Malaysian mango season – About April to July, perhaps. Otherwise they were a bit expensive. But recently they are available year-round, and sometimes at very good prices. I suppose they come from Thailand.