Month: March 2020

Raining on the COVID-19 parade story

Anyway, summarising from the Youtube above, and previous broadcasts from THE LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND , John RappaportGlobal ResearchDr. Francis Boyle and others we come up with the following:

  • COVID-19 has been in the U.S. since September 2019, and in Italy, Japan, Taiwan from about November. So symptoms show it started in the U.S. China should not be blamed.
  • It appears to be a man-made bioweapon. Like SARS, MERS, AIDS swine flu…
  • It simultaneously appeared to be seeded in several places in Italy. Scientists could not find a single source. South Korea’s outbreaks also suddenly occurred simultaneously at around the same time as Italy. As with Italy scientists could not find a single source.
  • Simultaneous eruptions of a new virus in three countries – and all three the inability to identify where it came from – the original source or patient zero – and no proven links between them.
  • China was mainly in Wuhan – there was no single source – same as Italy.
  • Original infections in Italy were traceable to China.  Later ones no connection to China.
  • Natural outbreaks can almost always be traced to source and one patient zero.
  • So there is prima facie evidence of a deliberate release thereof in Italy, South Korea and China.
  • There were US military bio-weapons labs nearby every single outbreak in Italy and S. Korea.
  • MERS originated from an American military lab in Osan, Korea. A WHO sponsored international vaccine institute is also nearby.
  • Osan is related to Fort Detrick Bioweapons research lab in the U.S.
  • Every single Ebola outbreak in Africa has been within a mile of a US bio-warfare lab.
  • Bioweapons are illegal for countries that signed the Bioweapons  Convention.

Going out in Penang during COVID-19

egg shelves at Tesco

Going out during the Malaysian COVID-19 lock down is surreal. The government has declared some rules. Well, my wife wants to do the shopping at the supermarket. But she doesn’t drive our car. So the one person per car rule just doesn’t work for us. Only 6 minutes on empty roads with green traffic lights to get to Tesco. Usually it’s nearly 15 minutes.

Malaysian COVID-19 lock down

So, the Malaysian COVID-19 lock down continues. The Movement Control Order. It doesn’t really make that much difference to me, except for stopping me travelling abroad. But being at home in Penang I don’t go out that much anyway. The streets are very quiet, the skies are empty of planes. I don’t even see the unmarked geoengineering / chemtrail planes spraying in the sky.

If you read the media there seem to be rules about what you can do. It seems to change, too.

Our long time local street dog is fed with leftover food from local restaurants. But now the food supply is unreliable. Many restaurants are closed – including his regular supplier. We bought some dog food and give it to him when he seems hungry.

The whole atmosphere is surreal.