Raining on the COVID-19 parade story

Anyway, summarising from the Youtube above, and previous broadcasts from THE LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND , John RappaportGlobal ResearchDr. Francis Boyle and others we come up with the following:

  • COVID-19 has been in the U.S. since September 2019, and in Italy, Japan, Taiwan from about November. So symptoms show it started in the U.S. China should not be blamed.
  • It appears to be a man-made bioweapon. Like SARS, MERS, AIDS swine flu…
  • It simultaneously appeared to be seeded in several places in Italy. Scientists could not find a single source. South Korea’s outbreaks also suddenly occurred simultaneously at around the same time as Italy. As with Italy scientists could not find a single source.
  • Simultaneous eruptions of a new virus in three countries – and all three the inability to identify where it came from – the original source or patient zero – and no proven links between them.
  • China was mainly in Wuhan – there was no single source – same as Italy.
  • Original infections in Italy were traceable to China.  Later ones no connection to China.
  • Natural outbreaks can almost always be traced to source and one patient zero.
  • So there is prima facie evidence of a deliberate release thereof in Italy, South Korea and China.
  • There were US military bio-weapons labs nearby every single outbreak in Italy and S. Korea.
  • MERS originated from an American military lab in Osan, Korea. A WHO sponsored international vaccine institute is also nearby.
  • Osan is related to Fort Detrick Bioweapons research lab in the U.S.
  • Every single Ebola outbreak in Africa has been within a mile of a US bio-warfare lab.
  • Bioweapons are illegal for countries that signed the Bioweapons  Convention.

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