Guinness on sale

Guinness on sale at Tesco.

Guinness on sale
special packaging for Chinese New Year – Guinness on sale

It’s that time of year again.  Tesco has Guinness – and Tiger etc. on special at the moment.  They seem to do so for Chinese New Year every year. If you follow that link you’ll see that this year it costs RM3 more than last year.  And that it always ends with 88 sen. Anyway, I’ll stock up.  After all, Guinness is good for you. Or so I hear.

Guinness on sale

Yesterday I went back for more – and they were out of stock.  Hopefully they will get more in.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops: Coffee shops are taking over the Gurney Plaza al fresco area!  Pie Harbour sadly closed last year – I liked their pies, but rarely ate there.  Because pies go much better with beer, and they didn’t sell beer.

Coffee shops in Gurney Plaza

Coffee shops in Gurney Plaza


Missing durian already?

Are you missing durian already?  The season is over, sadly. However, you can still get the flavour.

I don’t eat in McDonald’s from one year to the next – but I noticed they have some durian desserts.

So I had a Durian Sundae.  I enjoyed it.  Another week I had the Durian McFlurry. I enjoyed that too.

I have written in the past about durian chocolate. Harriston Chocolates is still there at 68 Kelawei Road, Pulau Tikus.  This is another way of getting a durian fix.

And if you want to see a big durian – not a real one – click here.

Starbucks coffee prices now, post SST

With the introduction of the 6% SST (tax) from September 1st, prices have risen again, almost to the same level as with the GST in the case of coffee and restaurants.

price list


These prices are before SST is added.  And, as I mentioned before, unlisted is the “tall” option, which, at least for Americano coffee, is RM1 less than indicated above. I suppose they have to have this option because some of the flasks they sell can contain only the Tall volume, the others taking the Grande volume.  Presenting a flask grants you a RM2 discount, so long term it pays for itself.  I tend to use the loyalty rewards I collect for times when it is inconvenient to carry the flask – and especially at the airport where prices are much higher than elsewhere.

Starbucks works out pretty economical compared with many coffee houses, and if you ask for less water is often pretty good.

This same blog appears on the site I’m currently setting up – tropicalexpat.com.

blatantly bad birds – (Countdown: 3)

park next to Gurney Plaza

On a walk this morning I noticed birds behaving badly – flirting in the park.

birds flirting

Can’t they read the sign?

sign in the park

It seems it’s mating season, and I also notice birds building nests recently.

Doutor Coffee in the Gurney Alfresco area has closed

I’d been meaning to have a coffee there, but it’s already closed.  But another coffee shop will replace it.

Doutor coffee is being replaced with another coffee shop – so there’ll be four coffee shops in a row – Dome, Doutor replacement, SF Coffee and Starbucks. And that’s just on this side!

And it seems there was an altercation with a pole on Gurney Drive.

I suppose this happened last night

Otherwise it’s fairly quiet this week.

Cheapest – and best? – coffee shop in Penang – (Countdown: 4)

One can get a coffee at PBC Coffee in the First Avenue Mall for RM2 – the catch is, you prepare it yourself – including grinding the coffee beans by hand. The first time a staff member will show you the procedure.




coffee grinder


we’ve ground the coffee now – you can filter the coffee or use a French press

carefully pour in boiling water


the coffee – in a ceramic mug – not in those undesirable paper cups

the wall

Grab had a discount the day we went – so catching Grab from home to First Avenue and back cost us RM5 – then RM4 for two coffees. RM9, or about USD2 for a day out.  Not bad.

And as Grab sometimes has special discounts – it cost us RM2 to get to First Avenue from home, and RM3 to get back