Damage from Penang’s storm


Last night (Friday) there was a storm in Penang. Despite raining early on Friday morning by lunch it was hazy in Penang. The storm took care of that!

Damage from the storm in Penang

So, anyway, there was a big storm in Penang last night. It started around 10.30 PM. in our area. And it died down about an hour later. This time we didn’t lose the Internet. Once it was over I went out to survey the damage. But it was more obvious this morning.

It ripped branches off trees, falling mangoes from trees caused vehicle damage, tore tiles and gutters off roofs, a local condo dropped tile(s) on the footpath from above… Two years ago we suffered much worse damage, though. Here are some photos taken this morning.

storm in Penang - damage

Penang is cooling

Yes, Penang is cooling. I’ve lived in the same house for almost nine years now. And I have a thermometer. I have written on this before, of course. So anyway, I’ve taken to wearing a jacket or a long sleeved shirt over a t-shirt when inside. Now, this is not to say that it’s cold here. But because it is cooler, the air-cons don’t dehumidify the air any more. Therefore I must make the temperature setting lower for them to work, and thus it’s too cool inside. If you open the windows you get dust and bad air inside. Well, I live in an urban area.

Penang is cooling

Penang is cooling – so I have to wear more clothes to keep warm inside


bird encounter

Monday to Saturday a solo bird comes for the first time around 8.30AM, and visits several times throughout the day to eat, the last being around 5PM.  If I am too late putting out the apple he cheeps when he arrives. He likes red apples best.  A bird couple come sometimes, but are very timid and with the slightest movement on my part fly away.  Sunday the solo bird comes late.

One day another bird came too – quite rare – I never see this type of bird.

Another taste test – kiwi or apple? Which is better? 


Months of cool weather – is the mini-ice age coming early?

It used to rain in October, and thus be reasonably cool, then as the year-end got closer, dry up and warm up again reaching the hottest time of year from January on to Chinese New Year in February.

Over the last few years the rainy period has started earlier and earlier – in September, and this year continued into January, with corresponding coolness during this period.  Actually, this is quite pleasant.  However, I am wondering if the mini-ice age is going to come earlier than usual.  There is a mini-ice age every 350 to 400 years, and the next one is due to start around 2030 at the earliest.  It’s only 2018, but could it be coming early?

But the earth was cooling in the 1970’s too, so this time might also just be temporary.  From the 1980’s there was a 15 year period when the earth was warming, finishing around 1995 – 7, after which temperatures have been quite stable for about 20 years, until recently. Record cold every winter in many places in North America and Europe. Snowing in southern Australia in summer. Snowing in the Sahara desert – for the second winter in a row after 40 years of no snow. etc.

One reason I chose Malaysia as a place to retire is that the tropics are not unduly affected by ice ages.  But outside of the tropics, more CO2  and a warmer climate would be a good idea – but the latter is just not happening.