Penang matters on Merdeka Day weekend

Before I get on to Penang matters this week, I want to mention – the 5G Summit has a little time left. you can still catch some free. And next weekend all videos will be available free for 48 hours.

And as I mentioned last time, I replaced my Bluetooth keyboard with a USB one. Almost immediately my hand felt more flexible – less stiff. My imagination, perhaps. Perhaps not.

Merdeka Day

It’s the Merdeka Day long weekend. the national day of Malaysia.

Penang matters - Merdeka Day flags


Bastille Day

Bastille Day

In English we call the French National Day, Bastille Day – the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille. Celebrated today, July 14th.

Since I wrote something about American Independence Day I thought I may as well write about Bastille Day. They are both countries’ national days.

Celebrating mobs attacking the the Bastille seems a rather strange thing to celebrate. But then, the French Revolution is one of those historical events I have many questions about.

Wesak Day parade 2019

The Wesak day parade 2019 took place yesterday evening.

“Wesak Day is held to commemorate the Thrice Blessed Day of Gautama Buddha’s birth, his supreme enlightenment and his attainment of mahaparinirvana. ” From an article in the Star on Friday.

It had been raining on and off all day. So late in the day I rang to check if it was still on. But no one answered. However, it was on. And the rain held off apart from sprinkling lightly a couple of times. There was a similar problem in 2016, but it went ahead then, too.

Wesak Day parade 2019 -