Penang progress

Progress in Penang, at last! Up until the middle of last year any progress in Penang that required finance was difficult. The government in KL was held by a different party than the party that held power in Penang. But after the election last year where now both the Penang state and federal government are the same party we thought that the improvement projects that had been on hold for so many years would at last be implemented. It has taken a while, but now things are happening.

New transport

Work should have already started on the Ayer Itam -to the coastal road bypass. It is scheduled to finish in three years.

There is also a proposal to build a cable car from the Penang Botanical Gardens to Penang Hill, and on to Teluk Bahang. This would be partly funded by the federal government. This is currently being studied.

Progress in Penang is being held back by traffic congestion. There is an article about a proposal to build an underpass in Pulau Tikus.

Gurney Wharf handover

On October 7th, I just learnt, the first eight acres of the 131-acre reclamation project land was handed over to the Penang government. From now every one or two weeks further small sections will be received by the government, with the handover completed by mid-September next year. The Chief Minister of Penang estimates that it will take about 18 months for the first phase to be ready and open to the public. It was unclear to me when that 18 month preparation period would start.


Damage from Penang’s storm


Last night (Friday) there was a storm in Penang. Despite raining early on Friday morning by lunch it was hazy in Penang. The storm took care of that!

Damage from the storm in Penang

So, anyway, there was a big storm in Penang last night. It started around 10.30 PM. in our area. And it died down about an hour later. This time we didn’t lose the Internet. Once it was over I went out to survey the damage. But it was more obvious this morning.

It ripped branches off trees, falling mangoes from trees caused vehicle damage, tore tiles and gutters off roofs, a local condo dropped tile(s) on the footpath from above… Two years ago we suffered much worse damage, though. Here are some photos taken this morning.

storm in Penang - damage

Missing durian already?

Are you missing durian already?  The season is over, sadly. However, you can still get the flavour.

I don’t eat in McDonald’s from one year to the next – but I noticed they have some durian desserts.

So I had a Durian Sundae.  I enjoyed it.  Another week I had the Durian McFlurry. I enjoyed that too.

I have written in the past about durian chocolate. Harriston Chocolates is still there at 68 Kelawei Road, Pulau Tikus.  This is another way of getting a durian fix.

And if you want to see a big durian – not a real one – click here.

Passion fruit jelly – Could this be Android 9? – (Countdown: 9)

Well, they had Ice Cream Sandwich – so it’s always possible. And I think it would make a nice name. Then, after Passion fruit jelly, Quince jam?

In the meantime, this is how we make passion fruit jelly. It goes nicely with mango and / or ice cream.

I grow passion fruit – and one hears one can use most parts of the plant for different purposes.  Sure, you eat the fruit or make jam from it, but the flowers can be used medically, the leaves stir fried and eaten, the stalks for something – possibly tea, and the fruit pulp to make jelly, put in stew to bulk it up etc.

Here I will describe using the pulp in the fruit that is left over in the shell after eating it.

After eating the fruit, save the shells in the freezer in a freezer bag until you have quite a few.

Then put in a big pan and cover with water and cook.

On the left, the cooked pulp already scooped out of the passion fruit shells – on the right are the scooped out shells

the pulp after blending until smooth

Once cooked, blend until smooth in a blender.


we bought it from Tesco

It’s difficult to get gelatin here, probably for religious reasons.

cooking up the agar agar

You’ll probably have to cook for over 10 minutes to dissolve it. You’ll need several sachets.  Experiment with how much water you need, but probably much less than it says on the packet.  Add in sugar once agar-agar dissolved, and dissolve the sugar in the mix.

blended pulp in a pan

Heat up the passion fruit pulp.

mix in cooked up agar agar while heating it

When hot add in the agar-agar / sugar mix and stir until mixed.

add lemon at the end

Add in lemon if you wish, and stir thoroughly.

We put the mix into a jug, and then pour into containers and let them cool. Then refrigerate or freeze

Then you just need to put into containers and let them cool and set.  You can then refrigerate, or freeze if you have made a lot. If you’re going to freeze, the jelly expands, so leave some space in the container.