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Seoul Garden Queensbay Mall, February, 2013

entrance - next to Habanero

entrance – next to Habanero

On my first visit to Queensbay Mall this month I found that Seoul Garden had just opened here. Gurney Plaza also has a branch, but it is in the basement, and I don’t particularly like the atmosphere in the basement, so I have never really considered dining there.

Anyway, it opened here on January 31st. Seoul Garden operates as a buffet, and it is reasonable value, with quite a range of food.  It’s too obvious to say it is Korean food, isn’t it?

02-2013-02-13 11.27.59s

prices, hours etc.

You pay when you enter. Then you are shown to a seat – more or less you can pick where you want to sit.

03-2013-02-13 11.33.24s

clean and modern decor

04-2013-02-13 11.39.53s

and all brand-new

There are ingredients for a steamboat, and for BBQ, both of which you cook at your table.  There are raw vegetables and noodles…

05-2013-02-13 11.34.49s

raw vegetables and noodles

…more vegetables and different types of noodles, kim chee, potato salad and coleslaw…

veges and noodles

veges and noodles, potato salad and coleslaw

…raw fish and seafood, chicken and beef. Fish comes as spicy, non-spicy, curried, Korean-style  etc. Chicken comes in different marinades, including coffee, which was interesting (and nice), and beef had two or three varieties too. There were shell-fish and other varieties of seafood…

raw meat and seafood

raw meat and seafood

…and some cooked chicken, fish, rice and noodle dishes.

some cooked chicken, fish, rice and noodle dishes in foreground

some cooked chicken, fish, rice and noodle dishes in foreground

The beverages are an extra cost option  – almost all of which I wouldn’t touch, but which include soft drinks, fruit juice like drinks, and Nescafe etc. Next time I would skip them.

beverages - soft drinks and ready made tea, and Nescafe

beverages – soft drinks and ready-made tea, and Nescafe

You cook the food at your table…

15-2013-02-13 11.40.11s

the cooking is done in the middle of your table

16-2013-02-13 11.40.17s

You have a choice of soup for your steamboat – abalone, chicken etc. The vegetables and meat can be cooked in the soup as a steamboat, or BBQ’d on the plate that surrounds the soup bowl.

17-2013-02-13 12.13.43s

the control for the electric cooking is on the side of the table

And then there are ice creams…

13-2013-02-13 11.38.44s

ice cream varieties

and ice kachang for dessert.

12-2013-02-13 11.33.44s

ice kachang ingredients

I was very full before I got to try even a fraction of the variety of food that was available, so I left feeling very satisfied.

SERVICE: Friendly, and helpful and fast
DECOR: Pleasant – clean and modern.
FOOD: Tasty, varied,  buffet replenished frequently
PRICE: Reasonable
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS:  Same as usual. Plastic plates, but metal cutlery, freely available to change anytime you wanted. Everything was very hygienic and clean.

Seoul Garden Restaurant

Location: North end of the third floor of Queensbay Mall – 3F-02

Phone: 04 646 8559

Internet: http://www.seoulgarden.com.my

Opening hours: 11.30AM to 10.30PM every day

Wi-Fi: no


Korean for lunch in Penang …/2

Mrs Tropical Expat decided she wanted to eat Korean for lunch – again. Our favourite here is Daorae Korean BBQ in Bayan Baru, but that is a bit far from where we now live, so we went to the Tanjung Tokong branch of Daorae, hoping it would be as good as the aforementioned. In fact, it was better.


There is parking at the front, and it was totally empty when we arrived a little after 12:00 noon. We were the first patrons. We were offered the choice of sitting at a conventional table, or at a Korean style table on the floor with a sunken area for one’s feet.  We chose the latter.

Korean style and spotlessly clean

There are many choices on the menu, so I only photographed a few pages.


And the drinks page:

drinks menu

A pitcher of cold tea is provided on the table, and included in the price of the meal. We only ordered two dishes, there only being two of us, and I am trying to cut down on food intake.  We ordered Bulgolgi and Pajeon.

Bulgolgi and side dishes

As in the Bayan Baru branch side dishes are provided and also included in the price of the meal. And they will refill them if you wish.


The Pajeon is very filling so we took some home later.  Dessert, being a slice of water melon each, and a very sweet rice tasting drink was served after we finished the main courses.

During our meal a couple of groups of patrons arrived, but the restaurant remained quiet.  There are private rooms available on the first floor which you can book with a minimum of eight people.

The only criticism was that there was MSG in the food – if you eat out it is almost impossible to avoid – so this is not unusual.

Service was good, and the staff polite and friendly in a reserved way. The restaurant was pleasant, airy, and spotlessly clean. The toilets were also OK.  Our bill was reasonable and comparable with other Korean restaurants, but the value much better.

the bill

It was raining when we departed, so we were handed umbrellas to take to the car, and then they were collected from us, so that we remained dry.

All in all, a great choice for a meal.

Daorae Korean BBQ – Tanjung Tokong

No. 104, Jalan Tanjung Tokong,

10470 Pulau Pinang.

Tel: 04-8913616

Japanese note / 日本のノート; 盆踊り

Checking my blog statistics I was very surprised to note that I had such a large number of visitors today. And the majority were from Japan.


I don’t know why. I haven’t written about Japan, or in Japanese. I did write about Korean food, though.

So, I will mention a couple of things concerning Japanese. Tomorrow, Sunday 25th March there is a Japanese theme at the monthly Upper Penang Road market.

A lot of Japanese do live in Penang.  More Japanese took up the MM2H visa than any other nationality last year. And many live here on tourist visas for part of the year, and live in Japan for the rest of the year.

Otherwise, my favourite Japanese restaurant here is Miraku, in the G Hotel on Gurney drive. Miraku details. But for all you can eat salmon sashimi, then the E&O lunch buffet is probably impossible to beat.

And my favourite Japanese event of the year is the Bon-Odori festival, held around mid- July.

A couple of photos from last year’s event.

Bon Odori