Day two of lock down in Malaysia

On Malaysian lock down Day Two the first thing you notice when you go outside is how clean the air is. Then that there are few businesses open. And then how few cars are on the road – similar to an early Sunday morning. I went for a walk at first – and there were few people out walking, too. My blog on Day 1.


Catching rabies in Penang

Catching rabies is possible in Penang. Unlikely, but possible. It used to be a rabies free state, but over the last few years, not. One of the local street dogs is over friendly. He’s fully grown, but still a puppy. Yesterday morning he was over-excited, and I was bitten and scratched by him. And this drew blood. Asking around after this I found the dog’s owner took no responsibility for him, and the dog hadn’t had any anti-rabies vaccinations.

catching rabies from this dog?