Malaysia’s marvellous marble

Actually, the marble and granite don’t come from Malaysia. They come from many countries – China, India, Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Italy, Spain and even Norway. But here you can afford it.

If you are renovating a newly acquired – or even rented – property, you will find that marble and granite are very affordable in Malaysia. The price can be similar or even cheaper than ceramic or porcelain tiles.  For narrower pieces – 60cm or less, sometimes the prices are even cheaper.  But in the shops they generally think in terms or square feet (300mm x 300mm).  Some marble or granite can be around RM20 per square foot.

White Carrera Marble RM31 per sq foot (Italy)

Rainforest Brown Marble RM43 per sq foot (India)

Black Galaxy RM45 per sq foot (India)

another Black Galaxy from India – it’s actually grey

Granite from Brazil

There are also marble mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles – RM16 per sq foot

Mosaic tiles

In the UK marble and granite are very expensive, but not so in Malaysia.  And here you can have them cut in any shape and size, and have a big choice in edging as well.


This, not only can you use them in the bathroom and kitchen, but also to put on top of furniture to make it low maintenance, or even to make furniture.

You can design furniture and have marble or granite cut accordingly

And it can be used around the house as an accent, or because it is functional.

as an accent in the shower

for safety on the stairs (kind of as nosing) to make the edge more visible

on the tread on stairs

in the kitchen

kitchen island

and as shelves

shelves in the kitchen

We have tended to buy from Shanghai Sing Mee, as they are reliable, honest, and the prices are reasonable:

102, Macalister Road, 10400, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia‎+60 4-228 1681  (Ask for Julie).

If you visit, the traffic is lighter before lunch, but their carpark has space only for four cars, and at that time it tends to be full, as that’s when the tradesmen are there.  In the afternoon it is much more likely you’ll find a space in their car park, but of course the traffic will be worse.

There are so many tiles shops now in Penang, so by all means look around.