7 steps for preparing for a trip to Japan

  • Read a guidebook and decide where to go – at least six months before.
  • Decide when to go – try to avoid Japanese holiday periods for your trip – and the rainy season. Autumn is my favourite season – followed by spring.
  • Book flights
  • Book Hotels. Hotels are much cheaper when booked way in advance – so book many and cancel any you don’t want later. You can usually cancel free. Use different booking sites so can you double up hotels for any dates.

Preparing for a trip to Japan - Osaka Castle in cherry blossom season


Printing woes

Printing woes again. When I retired from my IT job I thought printing woes were a thing of the past.


The full story follows, but what I would suggest is, if you rarely print, get a shop to do it. 50 sen for one page in black, or RM1 in colour in the Tesco building, Tanjung Tokong. Or in Gurney Plaza, four times that price.

If you want a printer, buy one whose service centre is nearby. Canon is near the corner of Anson Road and Macallister Road, and they are very friendly. It’s the closest to where I live. When the printer gives problems, you don’t have to go far.


Mangoes again

It’s good to see mangoes again.

mangoes again

Mangoes seem to be back in season. I’ve missed them. At Tesco today I found various varieties. Water lily, Susu, Rainbow, Golden Dragon, Thai Farlan, Chokonan, Thai Matin, and possibly others. Some starting from RM4.99 per kilo.

This is how you can ripen them. And this is one way you can cut them.