Dim Sum Penang

Revisiting Bali Hai for Dim Sum

Bali Hai is just a few minutes walk away from home.  I haven’t been for a while as I have been away quite a lot. Last time I wrote https://tropicalexpat.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/penang-dim-sum-yum-a-visit-to-bali-hai/ was about a year and a half ago. This morning we decided to breakfast there.

Bali Hai

Bali Hai

As I write this, the main impression I have is how expensive it has become.  The same owner had Coffee Island, a coffee shop / restaurant, also close to where I live.  Around Chinese New Year a couple of years ago prices dramatically increased in Coffee Island, and I, once a regular visitor, just stopped patronising it.  This once very popular spot lost so much business they closed, and since then have tried various different businesses there – hawker centre, Thai Restaurant and others, none of which lasted for long. There may be other factors involved, such as Straits Quays opening around that time, but the big price rise is the major one I think. I fear they are making the same mistake with Bali Hai now.  There were far  fewer patrons than I expected for a Saturday mid-morning.

2013-10-26 08.46.12s

What we ordered October 2013

I felt the food was not as tasty as in the past couple of years. They have changed the panel to the kitchen to glass so you could see in – if they hadn’t piled chairs and tables against the wall there.

The bill, October 2013

The bill, October 2013

The bill March 2012

The bill March 2012

Yes, we ordered more this time than the visit I recorded a year and a half ago. But you can see that the ones we usually order used to be RM4 each, and are now RM5, a 25% increase. You can also see that there was no RM8 category.

As none of the dishes’ prices are marked when you choose them, and they mostly don’t speak English, you can’t choose easily according to price or value.

The view is still nice, the atmosphere better than most Dim Sum restaurants, and parking available and easier now, as there are fewer customers.


90, 90A, 90B, 90C & 90D, Persiaran Gurney
10250, Penang

Telephone:     +604-228 8272 / 228 1272
Fax:     +604-228 8273

Hours: 7AM until 1PM for Dim Sum, and until late evening as a seafood restaurant.

Free WiFi – no password necessary, just find the Bali Hai broadcast.