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I just lost 10KG!

I just lost 10KG

Well, a few disclaimers.  “just” means over the last few months. And 10 KG is my goal – so far I am down 9KG, but almost at 10KG.  And my waist is down 7cm.

Weight loss and maintenance seems to be a very individual thing, and also to vary according to periods of one’s life.  So I am simply going to write what worked for me at this time.  It may or may not be effective for anyone else.

To compare my weight and waist size I weigh myself when I get up in the morning.  My weight usually varies during the day between less than this figure to more – with a  2 – 3 KG range.  This is water.  I typically drink quite a lot of water, and  this can easily add 2KG to one’s weight.  Climbing Penang Hill while it’s still cool will reduce weight measurement by perhaps 2KG, even when drinking water while climbing.

I started the year with a two-week water fast.  Thus I lost 5KG, but, as usual, immediately after I resumed eating I regained weight, in this case 2KG.

Soon after I resumed eating I thought I would try a regime whereby I ate normally four days a week, and a restricted calorie diet (LCD, or low-calorie day) for the remaining days.  Internet articles and books set the limit as 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. The aim was to lose weight, but I found that while I didn’t gain weight, all I did was maintain the same weight.  Still an improvement, as I was down 3 KG from New Year’s Day pre-water fast.  I also found restricting my food intake difficult. Once I started eating  it was difficult to stop until I was satisfied.

I did this regime for about three months, and then decided it was just easier to NOT eat for three days a week.  Not eating was easier as then I didn’t actually have to stop eating once I had reached a certain limit.  But another problem was the three-day thing. Which three days during the week?  So then I thought AFD – alternate day fasting – would be easier, and it is. I eat every second day.  If, as you can predict will happen, a meetup is on, it will invariably fall on a fasting day.  So then I do two days of fasting before, in the hope that this will compensate for the invariable overindulgence.

So this is the regime that has worked for me.  Once I started AFD I really started to lose weight.  One more Kilo and I will have reached my goal.  After which I must maintain my weight. For this I am considering fasting every third day – so eating two days and then a fasting day, ad infinitum.  And obviously adjusting this as needed to keep my weight where I want it.

I also walk daily for about half an hour – so that I total at least 8,000 steps a day with other activities, have a bath or sauna two or three times a week.

And soon I will start a new regime at the gym.  If new muscle mass adds weight then that’s OK.  Muscle, of course, weighs more than fat.

The result from all this is that I feel really good and light moving around, my clothes are a bit too loose, and I spend less on food.