parking in Penang

Yesterday’s news

Well, if the title didn’t put you off, then here we go…

I was reading a couple of the local newspapers yesterday, The Star & The Straits Times, and they actually had a few interesting articles.

Penang is currently being photographed for Google Street view, and this should all be done by the end of the year.  How long before we can actually access Street View for Penang the article didn’t say.

The Immigration Department says it’s going to be stricter with people who do visa runs – leaving the country for a very short time, only to return.  The article says they will target “unsavoury characters”.  Tourist visas for people from Australia, Canada, EU, UK, & US  are for up to 3 months, allegedly, by the way.

From January 1st there will be a new parking payment system in Penang for MPPP spaces.  This I blogged about a while ago.  What was new was that the rate will be set at 40 sen per half hour.  Currently it is mostly 30 sen, but some places charge 40 sen.

The Sun, a local free daily, had an article about capital gains tax (RPGT = Real Property Gains Tax.)   This is the clearest article I have read on this topic.  For non-citizens, a tax of 30% will be imposed on gains if a property is sold within the first five years, and at 5% from the sixth year on.  This we already knew.  They also write that they want the tax forms submitted within 60 days of the property being disposed of – which they define as the date of the written agreement of the sale – what they call here the S & P = Sales and Purchase agreement.  From experience, months can pass after the S & P has been signed until completion of the sale.  The lawyer who wrote this article suggests this knowledge can help you plan – to which I say, “Rubbish”. I had a plan based on the old regime, which the new tax destroys.  They are constantly moving the goalposts – usually in the wrong direction.