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Visiting Pangkor Island – 10 best things to do

Easiest is to drive there.  There are car parks available at the ferry terminals.  There are also buses and maybe minivans.  Or a twice weekly flight (Tuesday & Thursday) on Berjaya Air from KL to the tiny airstrip on the island.

If you drive you can catch a ferry either from Lumut, which costs RM10 return and takes about 30 minutes – first stop on the island is Sungai Pinang, and the second and last stop is the one to take if you are staying on the west side of the island.
Or you can catch a ferry from Marina Island, which costs RM10 and takes only 10 minutes to Pangkor.
Marina Island entrance

Marina Island entrance

My GPS really did not want me to go there, and was determined to direct me to Lumut.  You simply go straight instead of turning right to Lumut at the big shell sculpture.