Month: January 2019

Lower hard disk prices in Malaysia

Lower hard drive prices:

Lower hard drive prices are appearing again. It’s great to have plenty of space.  But for a while there I was looking at hard drive prices and seeing them going higher and higher.  But at least for the small portable drives they seem to be getting cheaper now.

lower hard drive prices

hard disk last year and this year

An interesting house

An interesting house:

On Northam Road there’s an interesting house I must have walked past hundreds of times. Thus I’d like to know more about it, but I have never seen anyone around. Another name for this road is Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. But I can never remember this.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops: Coffee shops are taking over the Gurney Plaza al fresco area!  Pie Harbour sadly closed last year – I liked their pies, but rarely ate there.  Because pies go much better with beer, and they didn’t sell beer.

Coffee shops in Gurney Plaza

Coffee shops in Gurney Plaza