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Crossing the border between Malaysia and Thailand by train

Crossing the border between Malaysia and Thailand, or vice versa, when you are catching the train involves alighting at Padang Besar station. Then you carry out the formalities. You exit one country and then enter the other. And then you get on a different train towards your destination.

There is essentially one station, with a Malaysian and a Thai part, and with the same name. There is a town on both sides of the border. They are both also called Padang Besar. For more photos and details about the train journeys see The train from Malaysia to Chiang Mai.

Crossing the border between Malaysia and Thailand

Signage is not good, but to go on to Thailand you just walk along the platform in the direction of Thailand.  That is, in the direction the train was travelling. Of course, photographing the actual immigration booths is forbidden.

Crossing the border between Malaysia and Thailand


Mangoes again

It’s good to see mangoes again.

mangoes again

Mangoes seem to be back in season. I’ve missed them. At Tesco today I found various varieties. Water lily, Susu, Rainbow, Golden Dragon, Thai Farlan, Chokonan, Thai Matin, and possibly others. Some starting from RM4.99 per kilo.

This is how you can ripen them. And this is one way you can cut them.

Water pressure problems

Water pressure problems in our neighbourhood started about when the very long cool and rainy period ended – that is, about mid-January. In the eight years we have lived in our house this is the first time we’ve had a prolonged problem. You can turn on the tap and absolutely no water comes out. Or sometimes just a very weak flow. And, while it is never good, sometimes it is enough to shower properly. Although, mostly not.

Enter PBA

water pressure problems with PBA
Penang’s water supply corporation