Relating to Penang

miscellaneous matters

A few things.

new Starbucks menu.  There is no “Tall”, which means small, on the menu – but you can still buy it. Just ask.

Exploding soft drink cans are back!  Last time it was the fatter size can – so they switched to these taller, slimmer cans.  But now they are showing the same problems.  Preferably store them where if they explode or leak it won’t be too hard to clean up.

it’s hot work moving mattresses

Check notes when you receive them – including from the ATM.

Durian pizza?  Interesting.


Ans at about 6.20PM here was a sudden blackout for 10 minutes in our neighbourhood.  Plus we got a text today from Telekom Malaysia saying they are doing some work on the Internet connections.  The Internet has been particularly slow this afternoon.


Penang storm damage

The worst I’ve seen by far in the nine years I’ve been here. But it was far worse and compounded by flooding in other parts. Some photos from walking around Pulau Tikus:

car port roofing came off neighbour’s property and landed next door

This coffee shop appears to have closed for business last month, anyway

Lot’s of these bags filled with vegetation ready for pickup

car port roofing

cultivating crepe ginger plants in Penang

Crepe Ginger grows really well here, in pots and in the ground, and produces sprouts you can eat.  If you cut off the head and take cuttings you can easily cultivate it.

Crepe ginger growing

cuttings about 18″ or 45cm long

cut the ends off the leaves and remove leaves near the bottom

get some pots and fill with soil

poke holes in the soil for the cuttings – don’t push holes in the soil with the cuttings

cut the bottom off for a fresh cut – then dip into rooting hormone

put the cutting into a ready-made hole – don’t push it further into the soil – and fill in the hole with soil and tamp down

we put four into each pot – keep moist and in the shade – may take two months to get new growth

cheap chocolate

Four 200g bars of Cadbury chocolate for RM30. This is a good price for Malaysia. The catch?  Expiry date is in just over three weeks. However, I bought some and tried it today and it is just fine, so long as you store it correctly.

While stocks last you can find this on Level 2 of Prangin Mall at a small stall near the lift in the central atrium.  I’ve already bought my fill.  If you buy enough they give you some free chocolate.

I bought multiple bars of these varieties – but others are also available as I write this.

Gurney Wharf Project progress photos No. 14, 3rd November, 2017

The Gurney Wharf project started at the end of February, 2016, which so far is manifested as putting a fence along Gurney Drive, and now dumping gravel. So I will photograph progress from the same standpoint – in front of Bali Hai, which is around the middle of Gurney Drive.

It’s a long time since I have posted on this topic as nothing much seems to be happening.  So I took a few photos the other (early) morning at low tide with my phone – so they are not very good.

I am tracking down the government department in charge of the project to see if I can find out further information.

looking straight out from Bali Hai restaurant

looking to the left from Bali Hai restaurant

looking to the right from Bali Hai restaurant


Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – what’s growing in September/October 2017

Well, it rained most days during September and the first half of October, with floods sometimes in parts of Penang. And then it stopped raining – except for once a week or so. Thus today, Sunday is the first sunny Sunday for a while.

Another quiet couple of months, then.

Not all that much happening in the back lane garden

This papaya almost died – when there is heavy rain one papaya sometimes dies. As I can’t get any seeds to germinate there at the moment, eventually, as has happened over the years, all papayas die. One smaller one did die. So only three left

Crepe Ginger very healthy

Crepe Ginger very healthy

the grape vine still OK

the grape vine even has a few grapes

pandan trees doing well

we can harvest some mini-eggplants every week – great in soups and curries and stews

the neem tree is getting huge

cuttings from crepe ginger to cultivate

these are so easy to cultivate and care for we’re cultivating more

rosemary gets attacked sometimes by a black bug or fungus

my attempt at cultivating crepe ginger is working out

papayas germinated from seed

basil is happy

papayas germinated from seed

my oldest papaya has had its trunk attacked so may not survive another year. Being in a pot it never fruited, but it looked nice

Passionfruit really need sun to ripen, and there has been so little for months due to rain.

So now some passion fruit are just dropping to the ground without the skin changing colour much if at all. But inside they are often ripe and yummy.

Some passion fruit seeds from different fruit to germinate next February