Relating to Penang

Penang local businesses

It was only really this morning when I started thinking about the local businesses in Penang. And how much I appreciate them. I went to my regular market stall to pick up something uncommon I had ordered the other day. And when it was time to pay, he said not to worry, it was free.

But this has happened quite a few times with local businesses I frequent. My hairdresser said he wasn’t charging one time after cutting my hair. I’d given him a few pot plants and pots I hadn’t wanted, and he’d appreciated it.

My car shop repaired a punctured tyre and then didn’t charge me. And the other day the doctor at my local clinic didn’t charge for a consultation. I don’t know why – it was just a quick chat for me to glean a second opinion. Maybe that’s why. But that was nice.

Catching rabies in Penang

Catching rabies is possible in Penang. Unlikely, but possible. It used to be a rabies free state, but over the last few years, not. One of the local street dogs is over friendly. He’s fully grown, but still a puppy. Yesterday morning he was over-excited, and I was bitten and scratched by him. And this drew blood. Asking around after this I found the dog’s owner took no responsibility for him, and the dog hadn’t had any anti-rabies vaccinations.

catching rabies from this dog?




Penang walk at lowest sea level

This morning was Penang’s lowest ever sea level that I’d seen. I was able to walk all the way from the end of Gurney Drive almost to the Penang Club – just along the beach. The first time ever for me.

Penang's lowest ever sea level

Of course the land reclamation changes the flow of the sea currents, and the sand in front of the Penang Club has been washed away. Before the Gurney Wharf Project land reclamation I used to walk along the beach in front of the Penang Club. Even so, back then, still what I saw today was Penang’s lowest ever sea level. I never saw the opportunity to walk all the way to Gurney Drive along the beach. Naturally I am not there all the time. But I am quite often.