Hiatus, MH370 and MH17, and Ebola – and my practical approaches

Tropical Expat is having somewhat of a hiatus. It is actually quite time-consuming writing a blog, and at present I am spending a bit more time on my German study, but also I only want to write when I have something to say – normally something positive that people can actually use. Also, I am quite distressed – but not fearful – by the Malaysian Airline incidents this year, and now by the media hyping the Ebola outbreak.

So, despite the fact I have over 40 partly written blogs waiting in the wings (no pun intended – my imagination just took flight [oops]), now I am not in the mood to finish any of them at the moment, and have been also spending a lot of time reading what I can about the Malaysian Airlines flights, and Ebola.

Both of these matters have put me off any travel until I can get a handle on them and have a strategy, or until the situation stabilises.  And travel is one of the topics I blog about – or presently am not as I am not travelling.

About the MAS flights I haven’t much useful to say.  There are many anomalies in the stories ,  and I have read a lot of web sites, and many theories, but don’t have access to hard facts.  I have been trying to form an opinion as to whether MAS is being targeted, and thus whether it is safe to continue to fly with them. MH17 was almost immediately used by western governments for political purposes – to blame Russia and promote sanctions and possible war – way before any evidence of anything was available.   This is one of the hallmarks of a false flag operation, and there are others.   I think MAS probably has been targeted, but if a third incident occurs it becomes too obvious, and thus hopefully won’t happen.

Christine Lagarde, IMF head, spent a little time talking about numerology and relevance of the number “7” this year in a January 15th speech  – and many of the incidents and crashes do  have a lot of 7’s associated with them.  Just raw 7’s – no adding up or multiplying or anything complicated. Just check the dates and flight numbers, passenger numbers and even times of air crashes and incidents this year.  And, of course, it is weird that the IMF head was talking about such esoteric matters.

So, where I am heading with this is that I would probably prefer to catch another airline other than MAS for international flights  – Air Asia etc. if in the region.  But I would also avoid any flight numbers or dates with a 7 in them.  I certainly do not wish MAS any harm, and hope the truth is revealed to us and I can fly with them again.

I read that Ebola is very contagious, can be transmitted by aerosol, can survive for days outside of a host, has an incubation period of over a week, and has a death rate of 90%.  One person on a plane sneezing could lead to many people catching it and then spreading it unknowingly all around the world.  “At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.” says Rumor Mills, and and journalist Jane Burgermeister who writes about such matters, among others.  I have read elsewhere that people in Africa suspect the western doctors from, among others, Médecins Sans Frontières of spreading Ebola through vaccines etc. and keep away or run from them.

So, where I am heading with this is, I am going to avoid any medical prophilaxis and prevention methods, and again minimise plane travel. Oh, and wash my hands more frequently than ever. I have been badly hurt by vaccines before, and avoid them at all costs, and they have had far worse effects on a friend of mine, who barely survived a vaccination for flu.  I read that the cures for Ebola are colloidal silver or food grade peroxide, or possibly Vitamin C.  I want to look into the protocols for usage of them as I haven’t yet found any.

Now if you don’t believe in conspiracies – two or more people plotting in secret to do something usually bad – then I think you are naive, but I don’t want to argue about it.  I am just trying to present my opinion of some practical approaches.  Which is what this blog is for, anyway.

Living with (or even better, without) mosquitoes

Living in the tropics unfortunately means year round mosquitoes.

Of course, the main danger with mosquitoes is that they are a vector (I’ve always wanted to use that word) for malaria and dengue fever.

If a mosquito of a certain type  bites someone who has either of these they will become a carrier.  Then if they bite someone else the person bitten may contract the disease.

Most carriers are apparently illegal immigrants who brought it with them to Malaysia – it’s actually quite unlikely you will stay or go to the same places as them. A possible exception is construction workers building a condo near where you are.  Nevetheless, mosquitoes do not travel very far.

So, how to avoid mosquitoes.:

  • Live in a condo on the 8th floor or above
  • Close your windows around 6PM and don’t open them again until 8AM
  • Alternatively, have insect screens on your windows
  • Buy a mosquito attracting device –   a UV light and fan that attracts them and then traps them.
  • Do not leave water in containers that will allow them to breed
  • Cover your skin with long sleeves etc. in the evenings if you are outside and there will be no breeze
  • If you suspect none of the above will be sufficient, use an insect repellant wipe – much more effective than a spray.
  • And if this is still not enough you can buy an electric  mosquito killing racquet.  It’s rechargeable and much better than using a spray if you can see the mosquito.
  • Mosquito netting for your bed would work, but is overkill for Penang.

And, inevitably, you will get bitten.  I apply a collodial silver gel, which I make myself – in a few minutes the itchiness is gone, and a little later so is the lump from the bite.  I will cover colloidal silver in a future blog, but you can google it.

It is very unlikely that an expat will contract either of these diseases, but I always keep MMS on hand in case I contract either dengue or malaria.  MMS will be the topic of a future blog, too, but you can see

Malaysia is experimenting with genetically modified mosquitoes to make it difficult for disease carrying mosquitoes to breed – so far all genetic modification has been a disaster with food.  Doing it with mosquitoes in the wild is scary to me.

Unsurprisingly, there are male and female mosquitoes.  Males are vegetarians all their lives and will not bite you.  Females will only bite you at the end of their life cycle to lay eggs, because they need extra protein, and will bite on average four times to get the nutrition they need – this last figure being contentious.  Females’ probiscus is much bigger than the males’ – that is how you can tell them apart – at least after you have killed them.  They like blood type O best.

So, sleep tight, and don’t let the mosquitoes bite.

Hello from Penang

Most recent on top…

Miami Beach, Penang


There are many things I wanted to know about Penang and Malaysia, and couldn’t find on the web.  This blog, will, I hope gradually cover these matters.

The blog also helps clear out my brain of things I think, so I can move on and think of other things.


I try to write a new blog every three days – e.g 3rd, 6th, 9th etc. of the month

I update previous blogs with new information, but often don’t really bother marking what the updates are.  Sometimes I might use italics to distinguish new material.


Now two thirds through “Blogging for Dummies”.

In the future I hope to cover:

  • Why retire to Malaysia
  • Buying a house, a condo or renting
  • Selling your tax-free car
  • Gardening in the tropics – aka – growing stuff on concrete under an unrelenting sun
  • A typical day for this tropical retiree
  • Local restaurants
  • The German invasion of Penang – the sudden proliferation of German restaurants in Penang this past few months
  • Living with (or hopefully without) mosquitoes
  • 20 pence per hour is too much for parking!!
  • To Singapore by train
  • To Bangkok by train
  • Attractions in Penang
  • Day trips from Penang
  • Walking in Penang for the non-suicidal
  • Couch surfing
  • Sunshine is good for you – sunscreens are not
  • Making your own… simple recipes for stuff that’s good for you
  • Tropical fruit smoothies – so nice you don’t even put vodka in them
  • Interviews with expats and others of interest
  • Expats who don’t speak English (or Bahasa, Hokkien, or Tamil)
  • Can you live without the Internet?

and some more esoteric topics

  • I threw away my walking stick and started running after I learnt Reiki
  • MMS and me
  • My guardian angel helps me park
  • Sungazing?  How’s that working out for you?
  • Past life regression – gee, you mean I wasn’t a pharaoh in a past life?


Hi.  I’m new to this blogging thing.  And I am only half way through “Blogging for Dummies”, so I’m planning to edit this page once I know what I am supposed to be doing.

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