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Sunday Zumba

From the end of Northam Road you could hear the music.  They were zumbaing.

1. early start

2. At the BSG building

3. pretty energetic

4. pretty energetic

5. pretty energetic

6. pretty energetic

7. Then a robot appears

8. the robot is mobbed

9. this girl seems to be the dance star

10. Dance star and robot


Gurney Euro Deli closed

One day Euro Deli was suddenly gone – all boarded up.

Euro Deli closed in December. I assumed it was the end of their contract, as they’d opened in December several years ago. Asking management at Gurney left me no more enlightened. They didn’t tell me what would be replacing Euro Deli. But yesterday I saw that it’s a sales office for condos.

Yesterday I saw them refitting the shop

the interior

Sadly, no Yes

I have used Yes 4G for about nine years, but sadly, no more.

Mostly I used it as a backup, if our Internet went down. And also, for downloading sometimes, as it was much faster than Telekom Malaysia. But also when abroad.

  • When I first bought a pre-paid data volume nine years ago, it was a good deal.  It came with a phone.
  • And the data volume didn’t expire.  You only had to use a minimal amount every month to keep it valid.
  • Yes is 4G, which back then was faster than any other company’s connection.
  • They had a smart phone app, called Yes Life – and you could make phone calls over the Internet  – from your PC or tablet or smart phone – and if calling Malaysia it was a local call – great to use when abroad.  It also did texts. No SIM necessary.  It made any device with an Internet connection a phone too.
  • Calls using Yes abroad are a reasonable price

But now:

  • Yes Life is no more – you have to use a SIM – just like any other company. They killed the app. So may as well use Skype – free or Skype Out when calling a number.
  • All data volume you buy expires – in a week or a month.  Expensive when you use it only when a back up is necessary.
  • All companies are now 4G, so Yes has lost its speed advantage
  • The speed and data volume on my smart phone contract is enough as a backup and for downloads
  • TM is a bit better than before for general Internet browsing – it doesn’t go down so often and its a little faster.  Abysmal progress in nine years, but still.
  • When credit is low  (mine is RM40 now) Yes throttles your speed.

Anyone want to buy a cheap Huddle modem?

Months of cool weather – is the mini-ice age coming early?

It used to rain in October, and thus be reasonably cool, then as the year-end got closer, dry up and warm up again reaching the hottest time of year from January on to Chinese New Year in February.

Over the last few years the rainy period has started earlier and earlier – in September, and this year continued into January, with corresponding coolness during this period.  Actually, this is quite pleasant.  However, I am wondering if the mini-ice age is going to come earlier than usual.  There is a mini-ice age every 350 to 400 years, and the next one is due to start around 2030 at the earliest.  It’s only 2018, but could it be coming early?

But the earth was cooling in the 1970’s too, so this time might also just be temporary.  From the 1980’s there was a 15 year period when the earth was warming, finishing around 1995 – 7, after which temperatures have been quite stable for about 20 years, until recently. Record cold every winter in many places in North America and Europe. Snowing in southern Australia in summer. Snowing in the Sahara desert – for the second winter in a row after 40 years of no snow. etc.

One reason I chose Malaysia as a place to retire is that the tropics are not unduly affected by ice ages.  But outside of the tropics, more CO2  and a warmer climate would be a good idea – but the latter is just not happening.

Footpath progress along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah / Northam Road

Progress is happening! Yesterday I reported progress on the Gurney Wharf project – after months of nothing happening.  Progress is also being made – albeit quite slowly – but nevertheless, steadily, on concreting a footpath along the eastern side of Northam Road / Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah.

Starting from Jalan Larut near the Mayfair condo, I walked along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah towards the beginning of Gurney Drive, and took some photos of progress. They are working on the second last stretch here, with one more to go until this condo.

Hardly anyone walks along here. Probably more than 50% are tourists.  And almost no one cycles. As there is almost no one around usually, it would be great for cycling. Not long now and it should be finished, and then I can try it out.

From the car park in front of the Mayfair

in front of Northam Mansion- the last stretch as yet unworked on

before the grader got there

The second last stretch

The second last stretch – being excavated

looking back on the same area as the above photo

soon to be concreted

They infill with dirt beside the path

Temporary manhole of plywood. They seem to grass in the side area after, on the dirt infill

no grass yet – perhaps the garden will be extended

Later a proper metal manhole is installed

Perhaps not quite finished, but certainly usable

Gurney Wharf Project progress photos No. 18, 9th January, 2018

The Gurney Wharf project started at the end of February, 2016, which so far is manifested as putting a fence along Gurney Drive, and now dumping gravel. So I will photograph progress from the same standpoint – in front of Bali Hai, which is around the middle of Gurney Drive.

They were pumping mud again this morning so as to fill in between the barriers they placed.  Here are the photos taken from along Gurney Drive – towards the George Town end from Bali Hai.  I see them working at low tide, but not at high tide. They have now filled in as far as level with Gurney Hotel.

at work pumping

at work pumping

at work pumping

now the reclaimed land is level with here – the Gurney Hotel

So far I can’t photograph progress from this vantage point opposite Gurney Sunrise condo – I’ll see how long it takes to get here