Printing woes

Printing woes again. When I retired from my IT job I thought printing woes were a thing of the past.


The full story follows, but what I would suggest is, if you rarely print, get a shop to do it. 50 sen for one page in black, or RM1 in colour in the Tesco building, Tanjung Tokong. Or in Gurney Plaza, four times that price.

If you want a printer, buy one whose service centre is nearby. Canon is near the corner of Anson Road and Macallister Road, and they are very friendly. It’s the closest to where I live. When the printer gives problems, you don’t have to go far.

WordPress 5 update

My WordPress 5 update went quickly and smoothly. I was cautious, and waited over two months since WordPress 5 was released in the first week of December. After this time it should be stable. Making a staging area or a test site is just too much trouble. However, I did several backups.

WordPress, of course, is the site / program / editor that I use for blogging.

Lower hard disk prices in Malaysia

Lower hard drive prices:

Lower hard drive prices are appearing again. It’s great to have plenty of space.  But for a while there I was looking at hard drive prices and seeing them going higher and higher.  But at least for the small portable drives they seem to be getting cheaper now.

lower hard drive prices

hard disk last year and this year

Electric car charging

Electric car charging

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Electric car charging at Gurney Plaza This is the only electric car charging station I’ve seen in Penang. There are quite possibly others.  This one is on the fifth floor parking level, just a little before the exit ramp.  When…


When Unifi is not Unifi

Streamyx is Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) old ADSL Internet service

Unifi is Telekom Malaysia’s fibre Internet service

  1. I had been asking TM for years when I could get Unifi.  They install in condos, but not for houses all that much.  Then one day TM called me and asked if I wanted Unifi – for the same price as my Streamyx ADSL.  We agreed on an installation day.
  2. After not coming and having to reschedule two TM men came and did the installation of Unifi.
  3. I called TM later when I found I needed more configuration information for the Unifi.  They couldn’t answer and sent an engineer
  4. An engineer visited and told me what I needed for the Unifi modem
  5. I received the Unifi bill – it’s called Unifi Lite, and is 10mbps.
  6. I visited the TM office to query the bill and ask if I can upgrade to a faster speed – and they tell me it’s not Unifi.  It’s still ADSL. So I can’t upgrade the speed.