Month: June 2019

ebook reader

ebook reader

My venerable Asus Slider tablet died. After eight years of sterling service. For the past few years I mainly used it as an ebook reader, using the Google Play Books app. But sometimes as a multi-language dictionary and for displaying Google Photos. Asus is a great brand. The problem with it now is that the battery refuses to charge.

And anyway, is it “ebook”, “eBook”, “Ebook” or “e-book”? Or even something else? This topic is covered here. Mostly people now write “email”. “ebook” is easier to type, and will probably eventually be the standard spelling, too. This is my logic. Thus this is what I’ll use here.

So, I need an new ebook reader.

The search for a new ebook reader – the Kindle?

I like to read outside – but it is too bright generally to read a tablet screen constantly.

I thought of a dedicated ebook reader. The display is e-ink – which is suitable for reading outside. And the batteries of an ebook reader last much longer than for a tablet. The two main choices are Amazon Kindle and the Kobo.

Mosquitoes are back!

Mosquitoes are back, unfortunately. Just then I went outside. I looked down at my bare leg. Ugh. A mosquito. I hit it immediately and that was it. An ex-mosquito. I’d killed it before it even had a chance to bite me.

Which reminds me of a funny conversation I had with a Japanese girl once in Tokyo many years ago. We were talking about James Bond and Sean Connery. And she said, “Sean Connery is killed.” At that time, the actor wasn’t so old. I was shocked. But it turned out what she was saying was, “Sean Connery is kilt”. Meaning he was wearing a kilt. Well, I found it amusing.

5G is coming to Malaysia

If you look at the news at all it’s hardly a surprise that 5G is coming. The question most likely is, “When?” Much less likely is the question, “If?” or “Will scientists research it for safety before it’s introduced?”

Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chief digital officer Gerard Lim said in April 2019 that will be possible for Malaysians to start using 5G by 2021 or 2022. Some areas may have it earlier.

It is time to look into this issue before it becomes too late. . This is a shorter form of what I will be writing in a report for my upcoming membership newsletter.

5G – what is it good for?

So, who would be opposed to much faster Internet? Probably no one.

5G is 20 times faster than 4G. And latency – that is, the response time – is 50 times better than 4G.