Tales of an e-commerce newbie – Tale 2

(The other day I started a new site – e-commerce: Tales of a newbie. This is my second blog on that site. About me stumbling around in cyberspace.)

So, I want to make some money online.  I have an Internet connection and a laptop. What could I do?

I was listening to a podcast by Tom Woods, who often covers interesting topics, and he was discussing affiliate marketing, which lead me to his website, and a daily email from him, which is also usually interesting, and not too long. of course, lots of people promote and sell online business ideas, so I bought one Tom recommended. It cost $7, and so it wasn’t a big risk.  It didn’t earn me a cent, but I got lots of links to lots of ideas and videos that kept me busy for weeks.

On the way I bought another product for making websites and selling them.  But I find I need much more knowledge about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or to hire someone to do the SEO for me, for this idea to work.

But by now I have acquired my own web hosting, so I move my blog to my own domain, and start to lean more about WordPress configuration.

Emails are flooding in trying to sell me new things every day – I look at them, but unsubscribe to most. Unsubscribing doesn’t always work, so the flood continues. There are some free email courses, and on one of them, Eric’s tips I find a list of some ways of earning an online income:


  • 1) Ebay
  • 2) Info products/Digital products
  • 3) Physical products
  • 4) Affiliate marketing
  • 5) Work from home job
  • 6) AdSense or other contextual ads (Ok here’s one affiliate link… If you really want to learn all about AdSense I do recommend my friend Joel who is the foremost expert: AdSense Secrets)
  • 7) MLM
  • 8] Coaching/consulting
  • 9) Service site
  • 10) Web hosting – Here’s a free 114 page ebook I wrote about how to be a web hosting reseller.
  • 11) Membership site
  • 12) Social network/web 2.0 site – maybe you will start the next facebook?
  • 13) Freelancer – My favorite freelancer site (where I hire the most people from) is vWorker (formerly known as RentACoder). Another good one is Odesk
  • 14) Paid Blogger – here are some blog posts listing a bunch of paid blogging sites: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (UPDATE: The link I mentioned in the video is no longer valid, but the links here should work)
  • 15) Domainer – my personal domain registration site is LifeDomains
  • 16) “GPT” sites
  • 17) Sports betting arbitrage
  • 18) Trading (Stocks, commodities, forex, etc)

Some online money-making systems people sell are $1,000 or $2,000, but having now bought a couple of cheap ones that didn’t do what I expected, I’m very dubious that spending 50 or100 times more will actually lead me to be less disappointed.

I listen to webinars that will no doubt try to sell me something, but I often learn useful things.  So on Tuesday night there is a webinar on ecommerce. Go here: https://fln2.lockinyourprofits.com/ihpooo Have look at it. It costs nothing to register. And if you do register and send me your logon name I will send you a link to the free teaching event.

And this is where I am so far. It takes some people years.  So, no hurry.