Month: May 2018

Cheapest – and best? – coffee shop in Penang – (Countdown: 4)

One can get a coffee at PBC Coffee in the First Avenue Mall for RM2 – the catch is, you prepare it yourself – including grinding the coffee beans by hand. The first time a staff member will show you the procedure.




coffee grinder


we’ve ground the coffee now – you can filter the coffee or use a French press

carefully pour in boiling water


the coffee – in a ceramic mug – not in those undesirable paper cups

the wall

Grab had a discount the day we went – so catching Grab from home to First Avenue and back cost us RM5 – then RM4 for two coffees. RM9, or about USD2 for a day out.  Not bad.

And as Grab sometimes has special discounts – it cost us RM2 to get to First Avenue from home, and RM3 to get back

Medical Matters – and Malaysian fake news legislation repeal (Countdown: 5)

Over the years I have visited medical clinics in many countries, pretty well every time for nothing serious, and with, from memory, two exceptions, I have been treated well and there was no attempt to trick me into anything. One exception was a doctor in London, and one in Penang, about which I believe I have already written. In both of these cases the doctorsy wanted me to undertake expensive, but unnecessary procedures.  Getting second and third opinions was an important step in avoiding such problems.

However, my opinions and experience differ greatly from what is expounded by the controlled corporate media, and from what many doctors will say if you ask them.  Doctors must have a licence, issued by the medical establishment, to practice, and that means they are controlled to an extent by this establishment.  The more student, and other debt they hold, presumably, the more they must tow the line with this establishment, for fear of losing their licence and thus being unable to earn a living.

I don’t know the history of the medical establishment in Malaysia, but from memory, the American one was set up by, or in collusion with the Rockefellers, whose business was selling oil.  So allopathic medicine, including medicines based on petroleum and other synthetic substances, and surgery – which also uses such substances – has been the basic treatment.

I have been fortunate, in that many doctors have told me more or less that they can give me, for example, antibiotics or some other medicine if I want, but that it’s not necessary. They’ve left it up to me to choose the healthy way.  Over the years, by trial and error, trying out different “traditional”, as opposed to allopathic, treatments, I have gradually learnt better ways to look after myself and solve medical problems without medicines.  In a year I rarely would take more than two ibuprofen tablets.  And that’s it. So far this year I’ve had one, after I got a great number of itchy bites from swimming in the wrong spot.

One source of more natural, less or non-invasive health treatments has been the podcasts of Dr. Jennifer Daniels:

She has many podcasts you can download, plus she has a free report you can download.  She tends to cover one topic during the podcast, and thereafter for the rest of the podcast answer questions from her audience on a chat line on anything medical.  Thus, if the topic doesn’t interest you, you can skip to the questions.

She was a practicing physician in the United States, but the American medical establishment, it appears, objected to her non-allopathic practices with patients so her licence was suspended and she was placed on a “do not employ” list and the terrorist list.  This destroyed her life and impoverished her. She then left the United States and started over in Panama ten years ago, but now she’s under attack again, and has been put on an international known terrorist list.  For basically quoting and analysing the establishment medical research, and suggesting alternative safe treatments.  Her bank accounts have been shut down.  Interpol at work.  There has been no crime committed, there have been no charges, no arrest, no trial, no conviction. This is the cost to her of spreading information.

I don’t know how much longer her information will be available.  So I suggest you download as many of her podcasts as you want, while you still can.  So far I haven’t found this week’s podcast – maybe she has already been silenced.  Or maybe it hasn’t yet been uploaded.

Naturally I don’t, of course agree with absolutely everything she says.  For example, she had a bad experience with Ayurveda in India, whereas my Ayurveda experience (from Sri Lanka)  has been very good. But it’s good to listen to different opinions and judge, and experiment (if you wish) for yourself.

She request her listeners to spread the knowledge she provides as this will make it harder to hide it, and harder to sustain an attack on her.

And as for the Malaysian fake news legislation – will it be repealed on not?  I don’t hear much about this, but found this snippet a week ago, “The Anti-Fake News Act, officially gazetted in April, will be abolished, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo today.”  As his portfolio is the media, this should hold some weight. Lim Guan Eng, former Penang Chief Minister and now Federal Finance Minister has also expressed a similar opinion, I’ve read.

So, I’m optimistic.


UPDATE – Evening of 28/05/2018

This article states that the move to repeal this legislation is expected to be brought to Parliament during its first meeting on June 25, according to the minister mentioned above.

It’s looking positive!

Hooray – I’m getting Unifi (faster Internet) – the saga – (Countdown: 6)


Unifi is Telekom Malaysia’s fibre Internet service.  For years I have gone to their offices or desks and asked, “Can I get it now?”  And usually they told me I could get it in six months.  And the same answer when I returned in six months. And the same again in six months time – and so on.  Condos seem to have priority, and we live in a house.  But TM laid fibre down our street a few years ago, so since then I have expected to be able to get it.

A few weeks ago I got a text saying we can get Unifi. So I go to TM at Paragon – only to find a sign saying “out to lunch”, with a phone number.  No staff to cover lunch?  Anyway, I ring, and I’m told I have to wait for an hour. Terrible service.  But she’ll ring me.  I go home.  Of course, I get no phone call.

Next I ask at the TM desk in the Tesco building, where I am (mis)informed that we can’t get it. I give up, thinking the text I received was a mistake.

A couple of weeks later I get a phone call from TM where they said I could get it, and then set up an installation date. The person on the phone said they’d send me a text and email with all the information they told me on the phone. I received nothing.  They gave me a logon to use – the technician didn’t use it.

After the election the new government suddenly declared the two business days before my installation date to be public holidays, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if my installation was delayed.  But instead I got a text from TM with the installer’s phone number, and it looked like it was going ahead. I called his number, but he didn’t answer.

I called his number several times, as the installation time period had passed, but he didn’t answer. I called TM, and they said he was coming at 2.30PM.  I waited some more.  He didn’t come.  Then we got a text from the installer somewhat later to say that TM had a technical problem, and he would install tomorrow, but would call first thing in the morning.

The next morning there was a text to say to call and reschedule or the installation would be cancelled. So I rang TM, who said I had cancelled, and that I should make another appointment for three days’ time.  I told them I had not, and that I had been waiting at home for two days now, and wanted it done today.  They said they’d put in an urgent request.

Next we called the installer, who answered, and said he’d be here to do it in 30 minutes.  45 minutes later he calls back to say TM has a speed problem, and while he could install there would be no point. He said he’d call back when the issue is resolved – I get the impression this could be in one or two days.

TM sends you automated texts, and these don’t seem to be correlated exactly with the TM office, and neither with what is happening.  Also, they don;t accept texts to this number. A communication problem in a communication company.

So later I get a text saying the technical problem had been solved and setting an appointment time in a few days time which is not convenient for me.  An appointment time needs to be mutually agreed.

They have a live chat feature, so I connect to that – you need among other things a “service number” – no idea what that is. They haven’t given me one, and the one on my TM bill didn’t work – so I made up numbers until the app accepted it and I connected – then it turns out I’m 95th in the queue!! I waited for an hour and gave up.  So far they haven’t managed to get one thing right. They make appointments they don’t keep. They don’t inform you when they are not coming, They set appointment times without mutual agreement. And they keep you in the dark about what’s happening – no communication.

A few days later…

I went out halfway through the appointment time they said, and later received a phone call to say that they’d come much later. I’d be back home then, so if they came, no problem.  Once I’d finished what I was doing I returned home, and about 5 minutes later – much earlier than the latest time they stated, they arrived.

My advice with TM: Make an appointment time when you will be home anyway.  Don’t expect them to actually come.  If you have to go out, don’t worry about it, just go out.

Three men came – one to drive the van, one to carry the modem from the van to the house, and one to install and set up the modem.  It took about 30 minutes to get it running and for me to ensure it was working properly. I was told I could change the WiFi logon and password, and the router logon and password. I logged on to the router later, and it’s got a very basic interface, and I could only change the router password, and none of the others.

So far the connection seems to work fine.


As the Unifi brochure offered new Unifi customers a cheaper price, this is what I expected. And I also wanted to know how to configure the router better.  Trying to find out anything on the telephone wasted a lot of time, and they couldn’t understand what I wanted, so I went to the Burma Road office.  There I could find out that the brochure / website was misleading, in that only new TM customers could get the special price – it wasn’t an offer to induce Streamyx customers to subscribe to Unifi as it appeared. I also found out that no technical staff were working in the office, so they could not answer my configuration questions. Instead they organised a technician to visit my house the next day.  Had the technician phoned me I could have got the information I wanted, but two visited the next day, for about a minute, where they told me the logon for a more complex interface.  So happily now I had everything the way I wanted.

The 10Mbps Unifi connection is better than the 8Mbps Streamyx one, the Wifi on the router is stronger and faster, and so after all the rigmarole I am now happy.

Malaysian fake news legislation – I’m confused – (Countdown: 8)

Just before the recent election, the Malaysian parliament quickly pushed through fake news legislation. I remember reading that it was used very soon to charge people, and that included someone who actually reported someone for fake news. Truth is not a defence, but rather a government office decided what is and what isn’t fake news.

I decided to discontinue my blog once I reached 1000 blog posts since I started, as the only safe course of action is writing nothing, only continuing if the legislation was repealed.

It appeared that the opposition would repeal it if they won government in the election.

Well, the opposition is now the government, and it appears they will not repeal it.

Thus, it’s likely I will stop blogging.

But then, this morning (Tuesday) I read in the Sun newspaper, and also here online, Lim Guan Eng saying this legislation would be abolished.

So, I am confused.