Colloidal Silver

Passion fruit pruning allergy

This is an experience possibly no one else has had a problem with, but I’ll write about it anyway.

Being the end of the passion fruit season I decided to prune the vines about a half – some parts were dying off anyway.  I had been pruning just enough so I could  dry the leaves from what I had pruned that day.  Taking it slowly for this reason. The dried leaves are crunchy and can be crushed and put on the garden, in pots or in compost.

For around the same period of time I had a cough, my nose was bothering me, my face and neck were a bit itchy and my eyes were becoming itchier by the day.

I didn’t connect the two until yesterday.  My eyes were particularly itchy yesterday, so I used colloidal silver and a little spray bottle to spray into my eyes.  I did that a few times over an hour, and the itchiness in my eyes cleared up.  This was no particular surprise.  But also my skin stopped being itchy, my nose cleared up and my cough stopped.  And all I needed was a small amount of my home-made colloidal silver.  So the dust and pollution, possibly animal fur and worse, insects etc. have collected on the leaves, some of which are already dry, and they make me allergic.

Thus I have decided to do all the pruning at once, today.  I will wear a cap, safety goggles, and shower straight after, washing my hair too.  And spray my eyes before and after.


drying leaves


today's pruning

today’s pruning

And now, three hours later I have finished.  My neck is a bit itchy, but I am otherwise OK.  No allergic reaction.



unfinished blogs – no. 11 – What health ideas have worked for me and what haven’t

I’ve been writing this blog for three years this month, and have accumulated many partially written blogs that remain unpublished. I may as well just publish them as is, and if I ever feel inspired to finish any, do so later.


June 26th, 2013

Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.  This article is about what works for me.

fasting –
cupping –
PLR, acupuncture, reiki –
colloidal silver –
sun gazing –

oil pulling –




Hiatus, MH370 and MH17, and Ebola – and my practical approaches

Tropical Expat is having somewhat of a hiatus. It is actually quite time-consuming writing a blog, and at present I am spending a bit more time on my German study, but also I only want to write when I have something to say – normally something positive that people can actually use. Also, I am quite distressed – but not fearful – by the Malaysian Airline incidents this year, and now by the media hyping the Ebola outbreak.

So, despite the fact I have over 40 partly written blogs waiting in the wings (no pun intended – my imagination just took flight [oops]), now I am not in the mood to finish any of them at the moment, and have been also spending a lot of time reading what I can about the Malaysian Airlines flights, and Ebola.

Both of these matters have put me off any travel until I can get a handle on them and have a strategy, or until the situation stabilises.  And travel is one of the topics I blog about – or presently am not as I am not travelling.

About the MAS flights I haven’t much useful to say.  There are many anomalies in the stories ,  and I have read a lot of web sites, and many theories, but don’t have access to hard facts.  I have been trying to form an opinion as to whether MAS is being targeted, and thus whether it is safe to continue to fly with them. MH17 was almost immediately used by western governments for political purposes – to blame Russia and promote sanctions and possible war – way before any evidence of anything was available.   This is one of the hallmarks of a false flag operation, and there are others.   I think MAS probably has been targeted, but if a third incident occurs it becomes too obvious, and thus hopefully won’t happen.

Christine Lagarde, IMF head, spent a little time talking about numerology and relevance of the number “7” this year in a January 15th speech  – and many of the incidents and crashes do  have a lot of 7’s associated with them.  Just raw 7’s – no adding up or multiplying or anything complicated. Just check the dates and flight numbers, passenger numbers and even times of air crashes and incidents this year.  And, of course, it is weird that the IMF head was talking about such esoteric matters.

So, where I am heading with this is that I would probably prefer to catch another airline other than MAS for international flights  – Air Asia etc. if in the region.  But I would also avoid any flight numbers or dates with a 7 in them.  I certainly do not wish MAS any harm, and hope the truth is revealed to us and I can fly with them again.

I read that Ebola is very contagious, can be transmitted by aerosol, can survive for days outside of a host, has an incubation period of over a week, and has a death rate of 90%.  One person on a plane sneezing could lead to many people catching it and then spreading it unknowingly all around the world.  “At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.” says Rumor Mills, and and journalist Jane Burgermeister who writes about such matters, among others.  I have read elsewhere that people in Africa suspect the western doctors from, among others, Médecins Sans Frontières of spreading Ebola through vaccines etc. and keep away or run from them.

So, where I am heading with this is, I am going to avoid any medical prophilaxis and prevention methods, and again minimise plane travel. Oh, and wash my hands more frequently than ever. I have been badly hurt by vaccines before, and avoid them at all costs, and they have had far worse effects on a friend of mine, who barely survived a vaccination for flu.  I read that the cures for Ebola are colloidal silver or food grade peroxide, or possibly Vitamin C.  I want to look into the protocols for usage of them as I haven’t yet found any.

Now if you don’t believe in conspiracies – two or more people plotting in secret to do something usually bad – then I think you are naive, but I don’t want to argue about it.  I am just trying to present my opinion of some practical approaches.  Which is what this blog is for, anyway.

Colloidal silver – natural disinfectant and antibiotic – making it at home

Until about 100 years ago, colloidal silver was commonly used by the medical establishment.

To read a little on colloidal silver see here and here and here. Colloidal silver is a natural anti-biotic, and after I used it my lungs cleared out some stuff, so it felt effective. I bought an Omron nebuliser in Gurney Plaza, in a shop near Cold Storage. I use the gel to take the itch out of mosquito bites, and for any burns. We wipe the interior of jars with CS just before adding yoghurt or sauerkraut.  It makes better, thicker yoghurt and the sauerkraut lasts longer.

You can make colloidal silver at home if you have the right equipment.  Basically, you need distilled water and a colloidal silver maker.  I bought mine from Silver Well by Internet order. It is also convenient to have a TDS (Total Dissolved solids) meter, and a laser light. It really is easier just to order them all together from  Silver Well.  And buy the gel kit too, as CS gel is very useful.  I have ordered from them about three times and  found this company trustworthy, and the product good. But there are other companies you can find on the Internet, too, if you wish.  Silver Well also tell you on their site how to make your own generator by yourself.

The instructions they provide are good too, and go into far more details than I do here. Anyway, here’s what to do… Get distilled water.

distilled water

You can buy distilled water from Jusco, and I have seen the Spritzer brand in Tesco. Just double check it clearly says it is distilled.  However, like the Jusco bottle below, the bottle will be a PET bottle, so BPA will leech into the water, making it unhealthy. So I prefer to make my own, using a water distiller I bought in the UK, but is made in Taiwan. I note this model has been revamped since I bought it a few years ago. Mine is still going strong.

Put ordinary tap water into container up to the level indicated inside (not shown here)

Assemble distiller and run for several hours – the water will collect in the open pot.

I am going to make the CS in the glass below, so first I pour in distilled water to near the top. Then I test it with a TDS meter. It is important that the reading is 3 parts per million or less. I expect it will be zero, as indeed it is. You are wasting your time if you use impure water – tap water, rain water, mineral water etc. can be from 10ppm to hundreds of parts per million.

TDS reading is zero for the recently made distilled water.

Occasionally it is a good idea to callibrate the TDS meter. For this you have a solution of 342 ppm, and you adjust your meter so it reads this when testing this solution.

TDS meter callibration

Then just connect up the CS maker, and let it run for a few hours, until the green light goes off.

CS maker in action

The TDS meter will not give an accurate reading of the amount of silver in solution – it’s about twice or three times what the meter reads if you use it.  Instead, to check it is ok, shine a laser light through the solution, and if there is a strong beam through it, you have made a good batch. Basically, it’s foolproof if you just follow instructions, anyway.

shine red laser light through the solution – but this did not photograph well at all

That’s it, really. Store in a dark glass bottle – old red wine bottles with screw caps are good – and store in a darkish place.

Recovery from seasonal illness

Tropical Expat has been laid low for almost a month with some sort of flu, caught possibly while travelling on the trains in Malaysia.  As usual I waited for it to go away, with no treatment, but it didn’t. The fever did, but occasionally came back for a few hours after a few days. This blog is about how I treated it, and recovered.

As an aside,  I have thus been unable to research material for writing blogs, as I have been at home except for grocery shopping, and cancelled all social engagements and outings.


  • a great amount of dry coughing
  • light fever occasionally
  • no natural recovery over time


Around 4th October I had a headache, light fever, and coughing, but I “recovered” the next day, only to have it return with a vengeance about three days later.  A few days later I “recovered” again, and then it soon returned, and stayed, so by Thursday 11th October the coughing was quite bad.  I still expected to recover naturally, so did no treatment.  The following Thursday 18th I was coughing so badly that the coughing caused back damage, and from then on any coughing was painful.

As a result on Monday 22nd I finally went to the hospital, as described in an earlier blog of mine.

The general idea from both doctors I saw was to treat and cure the cough, and thus the cause of continual back pain will be removed and the back will be able to recover. I was prescribed these medicines (on the left side) for the cough.

so many medicines!!!

Klacid MR – Clarithromycin – obviously an antibiotic – one a day for five days

Mucosolvon – Ambroxol – one tablet three times a day for one week

Fluimucil – Acetylcysteine – one tablet once a day for one week

A cough syrup – three times a day for a week


I took the medicines as prescribed, and a week later I was feeling a little better.  But from then I was on my own, as I didn’t see much point returning to the doctor, and didn’t notice any dramatic results from the medicines.

I did all the following, so I can’t say which were the most effective, but in combination they seemed to help:

  • fasting or light eating – mainly fruit.  This meant my body spent less energy on digestion, and more on healing. As I was using little energy staying at home, I hardly needed much food.
  • sunshine for at least 10 minutes a day
  • using the nebuliser with colloidal silver several times a day. I couldn’t inhale deeply as this caused coughing fits, which caused my back much pain, but gradually as my lungs cleared up I could inhale more deeply, which would make it more effective, too.  For more on colloidal silver see here and here and here.  Colloidal silver is a natural anti-biotic, and after I used it my lungs cleared out some stuff, so it felt effective.  I bought the Omron nebuliser in Gurney Plaza, in a shop near Cold Storage.


  • Oil pulling – which removes toxins from your mouth, and thus your body, so gives your immune system more chance to heal you.  I use coconut oil, and generally did it once a day until I was recovering well, when I increased the frequency to twice or three times a day.
  • Reiki. Being a Reiki master myself, naturally I did this on myself.
  • Ginko nuts – bought at Pulau Tikus market – are good for coughs.
  • Persimmon – bought at Pulau Tikus market – are also good for coughs.
  • I tried to sleep when possible, but it was painful for me to lie down, so unfortunately I couldn’t sleep well or as much as I wanted.
  • Coughing was least painful when I sat down in an average height solid chair. Lying down or standing up, or sitting on a soft sofa or a mattress was much more painful, thus causing more damage to my back.  I had to rush to a chair when I was about to cough.

So in the five days since I finished the medicines and used the above treatments on myself I have experienced a strong recovery, with my lungs clearing out, and being able to inhale much more deeply.