Kuala Lumpur Sentral Train Station to Malacca by bus – AKA Circling Malaysia by rail (mostly) 2/4

Having caught the night train to Kuala Lumpur, and arrived early in the morning, next I want to move on to Malacca.

Part 1 relates the trip from Penang to KL Sentral Station.

There is no train line to Malacca, although if you wish you can catch a train to Tampin from KL, and then get a taxi to Malacca. I chose to catch a bus, saving money and time.  Unfortunately they have made it difficult, and even the naming is difficult, and the bus departs from the southern bus terminal, known as Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan station. (TBSBTS).  In other words you have to go to Bandar Tasik Selatan station on the KTM Komuter – or take some other more complicated or expensive ways.

KTM Komuter network

After arrival at KL Sentral Station, you catch the escalator up one level from the platform to the exit, and then proceed down one or two levels (I have forgotten how many), following the signs to KTM Komuter.

You can buy a RM1 ticket to Bandar Tasik Selatan from the ticket window or vending machine.

KTM Komuter ticket

Then proceed to Platform 6.

There are also female only carriages, clearly marked.

ladies only

Catch the train and alight at the fourth stop, Bandar Tasik Selatan.

inside the carriage

Alight here

the station

Walk upstairs from the platform to the ticket barrier,and turn left and follow the signs to TBS – just cross the pedestrian bridge following many others also going to TBS,

pedestrian bridge to TBS

and you will see the big TBS building in the distance on the way.


After crossing the pedestrian bridge you will enter the terminal on Level 3, and see  the ticket booths on the right.

entering TBS

ticket booths (taken from escalator)

A big electronic board shows departure (and arrival) times of buses.

Departure and arrival information

The bus ticket to Malacca  cost me RM9. I was travelling during a festive period and may have been subject to a 10% surcharge, but I didn’t quibble.


One level up  from the ticket booths, on Level 4, a hawker centre and various coffee shops and restaurants, and toilets can be found.

the outlets on Level 4

too early for most outlets to be open

The departure level is one level below the ticket booth level.  A few minutes before departure you simply need to be at the gate printed on your ticket to board the bus.

Departure Level

Departure Gate

my bus

My bus departed on time at 9AM, and arrived at Melaka Sentral Bus Station at 10.40AM.

Melaka Sentral bus station

The roads were quite quiet, it might take you longer. I was told two hours was normal.  The scenery on the way was nothing special, but central Malacca is very nice.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station is where you can catch a bus from to other parts of Malaysia, but it is not central to Malacca. You could catch a bus to the centre, but a taxi costs RM20 (to Jonkers Street), and you can pick one up from the taxi booth which is clearly signposted.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station is a bus and taxi terminal, a market and a bazaar.  A big Tesco is nearby, with a pedestrian bridge from Melaka Sentral Bus Station to it.

The next part, from Malacca to  Kota Baru by (mostly) train, coming soon.



  1. This is very nice…I thought to Malacca there is also a Shuttle Bus from Puduraya Sentral? I may be out-dated here!! Thanks for sharing info, step by step, for all travellers !! EXCELLANT, Ian!!

  2. Thank you guys for direction to Malcca city from Kuala Lumpur using public transport. Most impressed by illustration using photos! Now I am really looking forward to visit M’sia this August. Q!

  3. Thnx s lot, u hv taken so much pain to go step by step , photos after photos …. im so much debt to you for this help. God bless you dear. – Sanjoy Guha (fm Calcutta, India)
    Pls visit my country India , thnx a looot .

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