Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – cabbage attack!!

Of course, it was the cabbages that were attacked. Cabbages are generally pretty passive.

Yes, a long feared event – the discovery of my cabbages by some moth (s), and then the resulting caterpillars decimating the cabbages – finally occurred.

hungry caterpillars’ damage

As it has rained so much the past few days, I have spent very little time in the garden, so the caterpillars escaped my notice until this morning.

the villans

close up

So from now I will see how pesky they are.

I first germinated the cabbage seeds seven and a half months ago – the end of October – so my feeling is that while it is obviously not impossible to grow cabbages under these conditions, it is hardly ideal, and more work than it is worth.  The cabbages are still a long way from being a size worth harvesting. But, the best time to germinate cabbage seeds may be another month – perhaps February or March – but no one can tell me.

However, the appearance of the cabbage pest may mean that it is cabbage growing season, and that from now there will finally be rapid growth.  Let’s see.


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