Missed Christmas events 

Every year I enjoy attending the Christmas trees lighting ceremonies at both E&O and the G Hotel, both of which I patronise.

However, this year I missed both. E & O didn’t send me an invitation this year, and so I emailed them, but they ignored me. They held it on December 1st.

I asked G Hotel every few days when it would be, and left my email address with the concierge, and my phone number with reception, both of whom promised to let me know the date. The last time I asked in person was Tuesday, and they said they didn’t know. But they held it on Friday 2nd.

Well, if they don’t want me as a customer, they won’t have me.



  1. looks like they want people to follow them on facebook and get notification that way. also i went into g hotel facebook page and saw G hotel in gurney talking about that christmas tree thing and linking it to a charity
    quote;G Hotel has kick started the Christmas celebration on 2 Dec 2016 and at the same time, launched a charity programme entitled “A Time To Give” in aid of the children from The Salvation Army Penang Children’s Home by opening up this opportunity for patrons to grant their simple wishes. Thanks to Penang’s famous blogger, Willy Wah for the lovely video!unquote.
    E&O dont seem to have a facebook page and their website is strangely quiet, no promotions or events listed at all. perhaps the hotels are all feeling the pinch.

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