Dengue fever and a new vaccine

One risk of living in Malaysia is that of catching dengue fever. And another is of catching malaria. Both are mosquito based.

My understanding is that the mosquitos that carry dengue are circulating during the day, and those that carry malaria, at night.

I have blogged before about how to minimise your mosquito problem. If you choose to live in a condo, then live above the 12th floor. Use mosquito screens on your windows. Don’t leave water lying around outside. When coming in and going out of your residence move quickly so mosquitos don’t enter.  Use mosquito traps outside. And have a few of those tennis racquet mosquito killers to zap any that get inside.  They tend to be around more at dawn and dusk. And note that mosquitos like low down, blue colours and alcohol, but dislike smoke.  If you want to get bitten, wear blue denim shorts and blue t-shirt, have a few drinks at dusk, and stay on the ground floor. They are attracted to CO2, so smoke confuses them – do the aformentioned while BBQing and you’re OK.

A natural cure for vaccine is the use of papaya leaves.  I don’t know the exact protocol, but a friend who wasn’t getting better in hospital then used these leaves and recovered.  I read once in the newspaper that a protocol would be published, but I have yet to see it. But in Malaysia it is very very easy to get papaya leaves.  I can get them within 30 seconds of leaving my house.

There is a new vaccine released in Mexico for dengue – Dengvaxia® – tested for ages 9 to 45. I have read it uses a live virus. And I don’t understand that much about it.  The government here in Malaysia is still evaluating it and have yet to decide whether its use here will be allowed.

What I do know is this:

20 years ago I innocently allowed myself to be  vaccinated as work recommended it. I suffered badly from it, and it took one and a half years to nominally recover from it.   I couldn’t work for a long time thereafter. Another friend almost died from a vaccine. So I have avoided vaccines ever since.

People who are vaccinated with live viruses – e.g. measles vaccinations – shed the virus and thus are contagious for a while thereafter.  Other people can catch the disease from them until the contagion ends. So one should stay away from recently vaccinated people.  If this dengue vaccine has live material, as the NY Times reports,  then one should avoid those vaccinated with it. For how long? I don’t know.  However, you probably couldn’t catch it directly. Dengue is transmitted by mosquitoes, so if a recently vaccinated person is bitten by the dengue carrying mosquito (Aedes aegypti), then it could possibly transmit it to another person by biting them.

And what else is in the vaccine? I don’t know. Vaccines can violate the precepts of all the major religions.  They can contain blood (violation of Christianity), cow products (violation of Hinduism), pig products (violation of Islam) and aborted fetuses (violation of Buddhism). They may contain mercury, GM material, and many other suspect materials. In Africa they have contained sterilising material that has kept the birth rate down – without the knowledge of the recipients. Let’s say you are not religious, or choose to ignore your religion. You should be able to read the vaccine insert, or find it online, find out the contents, and thus decide if you want these injected into your blood.

We need answers to these questions. I await further information.


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  1. I am not a stalker or anything but have kind of worked out where you live I think? Are you in the row of houses one street back from Gurney Drive behind that coffee island place? Your photos look familiar because I lived in H residence, which would overlook the street I think you are on. Cheers.

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